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From the wikipedia entry:

FingerWorks was a gesture recognition company based in the United States, known mainly for its TouchStream multi-touch keyboard. Founded by John Elias and Wayne Westerman of the University of Delaware in 1998, it produced a line of multi-touch products including the iGesture Pad and the TouchStream keyboard, which were particularly helpful for people suffering from RSI and other medical conditions. The keyboards were immediately discontinued when the company's assets were acquired by Apple Inc. in early 2005.

My archive of, ~2007. Based off the .mht files by ivanw@fingerfans and pdfs/zips from various sources.

Steganographic Filesystems

A university project on steganographic filesystems:

Conventional encryption technology defends only against conventional methods. Computer users can be forced with physical or legal pressure to give up encrypt on keys for sensitive data. To protect against this, both the content of data and its very existence must be hidden.

Steganographic filesystems address this problem. I will show that the existing solutions are vulnerable to certain attacks, or are not particularly practical. My project investigates these implementations, the theoretical basis for their short-comings, and attempts to provide a new solution, centred around the concept of a space-allocating stackable filesystem interface.

Full dissertation (pdf, 65 pages, 702k)