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Why use a TouchStream Keyboard in place of a mechanical keyboard and mouse?
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TouchStream Split Ergonomic Computer Keyboards and Touchpads
  • Simple, amazingly quick gestures replace common multi-key operations like open, save, cut, copy, paste, undo, and a bunch of others.

  • The ultimate "central" pointing device. One never has to reach for the mouse. The mouse function is always underneath the finger tips.

  • Each gesture is so simple and quick that one can easily string them into command phrases.

  • Users do not have to sit near their desks in order to keep close to the mouse.

  • Hands may rest on the touch surface without generating unwanted input.
  • Typing is done using zero-force "keys" thereby ergonomically reducing strain on tendons and joints.
  • Gestures employ a wide variety of finger combinations and hand motions so you are less likely to stress a particular muscle or tendon.

  • The keyboard uses standard mouse and keyboard drivers. You don't have to install any additional software on your system.
  • Gestures are fully programmable with the MyGesture Editor, giving you the ultimate control over application macros and keyboard shortcuts.


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