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  Typing Tips and Gesture Tricks

Tips and Tricks for using the MultiTouch Surface

  1. No need to press hard on the surface. A light touch works best.
  1. Don't squeeze your fingertips together or spread them far apart. Keep them relaxed and slightly separated.
  1. You may drop floating fingers on the surface after starting a point, drag, or scroll operation. The mouse operation will continue uninterrupted until all fingers lift off the surface.
  2. Feel free to rest palms and fingers on the MultiTouch surface while typing. You may also rest your whole hand on the surface if the fingers touch the surface simultaneously.
  3. Pointing can be done with any two adjacent fingertips excluding the thumb (e.g., middle and ring fingertips).
  4. When clicking, make sure fingertips touch the surface simultaneously
    and lift off immediately. Leaving the fingertips on the surface more than half a second will not produce a click.
  5. When performing a right mouse click, you should:
    A. Keep your thumb spread a couple inches from the fingertips.
    B. Touch with the long, flat side of your thumb rather than its tip.
    This applies to any gesture that uses the thumb.

  6. Avoid exaggerated hand rotation when performing operations like OPEN and CLOSE. Start with a comfortable hand position and slightly twist fingertips as if tightening or loosening a lid on a jar of peanut butter.
  7. In summary, use different fingers to do the same job, drop floating fingers, use a light touch, don't squeeze fingers tightly together or spread them unnaturally far apart, rest palms on the surface, relax and enjoy.

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