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Alternative Text Entry

(FingerWorks does not support and is in no way related to any of the following products)

Drivers and Utilities for Windows

Sound Generation

  • Noisy Keyboard/Mouse v3.0 (freeware) -- generates crisp audible clicks for key/mouse presses without the glitching of KeyTick. Nice custom typewriter sounds for Space, Enter, Delete and arrows keys.

Numlock and CapsLock Indicators (for System Tray)

Keyboard, mouse, and macros

Third party USB drivers for Windows NT

Drivers and Utilities for Linux

Drivers and Utilities for Macs

  • USB mouse drivers for Macintosh (scrolling, multiple buttons) (shareware).
    WARNING: Not compatible with XWinder or Hand Motion SDK!
  • QuickKeys and QuickKeys X are sophisticated MacOS hotkey and macro mapping utilities from CE Software:

Drivers and Utilities for Sun

Drivers and Utilities for OS2

Alternative Keyboard Layouts

Alternative Text Entry

  • Dasher -- an innovative on-screen text-input program. Originally developed to let people type with their eyes (at speeds up to 30wpm), use it with five-finger pointing on your iGesturePad or TouchStream Mini to enter text with minimal guiding nudges of your hand--no clicking or tapping whatsoever! Guaranteed to be way cooler than any onscreen keyboard you've ever played with!