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IN GENERAL:Assume a relaxed posture for your hands and body while using MultiTouch. Try to keep your hand fairly flat relative to the surface as you execute mouse and gesture commands. With the large MultiTouch devices you can rest your whole hand on the surface while executing mouse, gesture, or typing.

USING GESTURES: All gestures should start from a relaxed posture. If your fingers are tightly bunched up you are not relaxing. Remember to flatten your hand on the surface.

MOUSE POINTING: While mouse pointing get in the habit of dropping all five fingers after you start to point. This way your whole hand is supported. Also try to flatten your hand a bit so it lays nearly flat on the surface. Use a hand posture that you find most relaxing.

HAND RESTING: Rest your hands frequently by dropping ALL FIVE fingers somewhat SIMULTANEOUSLY anywhere on the surface. Keep your fingers in a natural posture. Palms are ignored by MultiTouch so they can rest anywhere on the surface

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