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iGesture Products for Everyone (learn in minutes)
iGesture Pad
iGesture Pad USB touchpad with hand gestures Purchase Pad

The iGesture Pad doubles as an advanced mouse and gesture command center. Mouse gestures include Point, Click, Right-Click, Drag, Scroll, Back/Forward and Zoom. Command gestures include Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Open, Save, Exit, and many more! Anyone can learn the basic hand gestures in a few minutes! Slips easily into your travel bag as the perfect external USB pointer for your laptop! Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs thru USB.

iGesture NumPad
iGesture Numeric Keypad with Hand Gestures Purchase NumPad

The iGesture NumPad adds a 31-key numeric keypad to the basic iGesture Pad. Great for those who do a lot of pointing and number input, or need a programmable keypad with hand gestures. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs thru USB port.

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TouchStream Mini Keyboard
iGesture Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Hand Gestures

Want to save desk space? Need a small keyboard that's easy to clean? The Mini is a complete ZeroForce computer interface that provides a keyboard, mouse, and gesture input all in the same small package. The TouchStream Mini Keyboard is great for applications where two-handed touch typing is not the norm. The Mini can be mounted on a wall or just about anywhere for easy access. Works thru USB port with Macs, PCs, Linux, and Suns.
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Gel Pad Accessory
Gel Pad Purchase Gel Pad

1/2" thick ergonomic gel pad matches iGesture surface thickness to keep your wrist straight while using iGesture Products. Or get a pair for use with a TouchStream LP flat on your desk.

Contains soft, high-quality Royal-Medica gel in durable, black Lycra shell.

TouchStream Products for Power Users (not for the novice)
TouchStream LP
TouchStream LP
TouchStream LP -- Split Ergonomic Portable Keyboard

The most powerful and effective computer interface that money can buy! Say good-bye to the mechanical keyboard and its mouse companion. Enter the TouchStream where Zero-Force touch-typing, pointing, and gesturing combine to give you unparalleled control of applications and graphics. Two-handed gesture set includes text formatting and Photoshop commands, plus game mode! Perfect for the power user, web designer, writer, and computer professional.

The TouchStream LP ZeroForce keyboard is removable from its frame and can be folded into a small package for traveling. You can also place the LP over your notebook's keyboard and instantly transform your laptop into a mobile TouchStream. Works with Mac, Windows, or Linux PC thru USB port. Available with International, US Qwerty, or Dvorak keyboard layouts.

Reviews:  Extreme Tech   MeetTheGeek
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Extra Frame for TouchStream LP

This tented support frame is identical to the one that comes with the TouchStream LP. TouchStream users who transport their LP between work and home find it convenient to keep a frame at each place.

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