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FingerWorks' Modifier chords keep the common modifer keys under your fingers! No more awkward pinky reaches for the Ctrl or Shift keys means unprecedented typing ergonomics! You time modifier chord presses the same way you would a conventional modifier key, except you're holding 4 fingers from the opposite hand near home row instead of twisting your pinky back to the Shift key.

Modifier chords also work with gestures. Say you want to do an Shift+Ctrl+V (Paste Special). On a normal keyboard you would hit three keys with the same hand. But with MultiTouch Technology you simply hold the 4-finger Shift chord with your left hand while your right hand performs the Paste gesture: Left Shift - four fingers on left hand+Copy - Ctrl+C - thumb finger tap

Basic Modifer Chords

Available only on our TouchStream line, the basic chords can be held anywhere on the surface so long as the fingertips stay in a horizontal line. Compared to the Enhanced chords, these basic chords make it easier for novices to activate Shift, but harder to activate Ctrl/Cmd.
Shift Gesture - Four fingers
Ctrl Gesture - Spread four fingers

Enhanced Thumb & Zone Modifier Chords (Config Gesture + <shift> C)

Available only on the two-handed TouchStream ST/LP, the Enhanced set provides 5 modifier chords for each hand: Shift, Ctrl, Win/Cmd/Meta, Left Alt, and Right Alt (AltGr).

Right Alt (AltGr) is provided for both hands because it allows one to type accented characters on European Key Layouts and to access the programmers' punctuation pad, a behavior different than Left Alt, which can always be used as a menu shortcut.

For the following three chords, zones are established above, below, and on the Home Row of keys. NOTE: with the Enhanced set, Shift can only be activated by dropping 4 fingertips on home row, not anywhere on the surface.
  Location Modifier Chord  
Above Home RowAbove Home Row Ctrl (Windows)
Cmd (Mac)
AltGr (Linuc/Emacs)
  Home RowHome Row Shift  
Below Home RowBelow Home Row Left Alt

The next two chords are performed by dropping the thumb + 3 fingertips simultaneously, either relaxed or with a spread hand:
Thumb + 3 Fingers AltGr (Windows/Mac)
Ctrl (Linux/Emacs)
Thumb + 3 spread fingers Win (Windows)
Meta (Linux/Emacs)
Ctrl (Mac)

Programmer Pad (Config Gesture + <shift> U)

The Programmer Pad is located under the right half of the ST and LP. To use it you must do the the AltGr chord with your left hand and then you can press the corresponding key for the desired symbol.

Puctuation Pad
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