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XWinder is FingerWorks exclusive new window management tool.  XWinder saves lots of point/click/drag steps by controlling windows with one continuous hand motion.

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Chuck Butler of Monster Tracks Music demonstrates using his iGesture Numpad for music composing and editing.

Download: Windows Media (.wmv)
  Quicktime (.mov)


Product information and introductory tutorial.


Download: Windows Media (.wmv)
  Quicktime (.mov)

WobbleMaze is 3D marble maze game that uses MultiTouch technology's unique data streams (Contacts) to provide a analog input controlling the 'tilt' of the board.

Taking advantage of the sensitivity of the MultiTouch surface all that is required to play the game is simply wobbling your fingertips.

Requirements:   Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP
  OpenGL accelerated video card
  FingerWorks product with firmware >= 1.50

Download: Windows (.zip)

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