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TouchStream LP Computer Keyboard  

The TouchStream LP is a stand-alone user interface that combines an ergonomic keyboard, precision scroll mouse functionality, and our extensive two-handed gesture set. The TouchStream LP completely replaces your existing keyboard and mouse with a fully integrated package that packs a lot more power and capability.

Effortless Operation for
Unparalled Comfort & Relaxation

The LP's large surfaces are more than big enough for full-range pointing, Zero-Force touch-typing, and efficient hand gestures. The ergonomic tented-frame keeps the wrists at comfortable angles for pain-free operation over the long haul. Did we say Zero-Force? Yes, only the lightest surface contact is needed to activate the keys--there is no minimum pressure threshold--yet you can rest all ten fingers on the surface at any time! And Modifier chords let you Shift by dropping 4 fingers on home row--all designed to provide uniquely efficient typing ergonomics.

Portable USB Keyboard
with Folding Surfaces

In addition, when you want to take the LP on the road or from place to place it folds into an easily carried package that fits nicely in a brief case or backpack. Since the LP emulates a standard USB keyboard and mouse, you won't need to install any drivers before using the LP with a friend's computer! Bored at your board meetings? The LP is a perfectly quiet keyboard for stealthy surfing and messaging.

Seamlessly Integrates Pointing and Gesture

Whatís truly amazing about TouchStream Keyboards is that key, mouse, and gesture input all occur in the same overlapping area of the MultiTouch surface. This means that when you switch between typing and pointing, for example, you donít have to move your hand to grab the mouse since itís always under your fingertips. This benefit is only fully appreciated after using a TouchStream USB Keyboard for a few minutes.

Hand Gestures and Key Layout Fully Programmable

Looking for a programmable keyboard? The MyGesture Editor lets you fully customize TouchStream behaviors, including effective key locations, gesture shortcut/hotkey mappings, and pointing motion sensitivity. Our USB upgrader transfers your configuration into the keyboard's ample memory. So the TouchStream remembers your customizations no matter what computer you plug it into! Simple palm slides can switch between Qwerty and Dvorak or other special keyboard modes.

Qwerty or Dvorak Layouts Available

The LP surface comes pre-printed with US QWERTY or DVORAK keyboard layouts. Several international layouts are available from our foreign resellers (Burgundy color only).

Why Switch to a TouchStream?

Technical Details
User's Guide
Gesture Guide
Typing Guide

Choose Silver or Burgundy

TouchStream LP Split Keyboard

TouchStream LP Portable Keyboard on a Laptop

Use the LP with your laptop by placing it on top of the laptop keyboard. Click on the image for a larger view.

TouchStream LP on Tented Ergonomic Keyboard Frame

XWinder: The Future
of Window Manipulation

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TouchStream LP Foldable Keyboard TouchStream LP Portable Keyboard TouchStream LP Programmable Keyboard

TouchStream LP on Tented Ergonomic Keyboard FrameTouchStream ST with hands TouchStream LP Silver top view TouchStream ST with hands resting TouchStream LP Silver side view

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