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For all International layouts, the '102nd International key' is accessible on the right portion of Left Shift. Also, a convenient modifier chord is provided for AltGr.

The German, Danish, Norwegian, French, Canadian and UK layouts shown below are the only international layouts currently available for our TouchStream LP.

You may find that one of these is close enough to your nationality to be usable. For instance, the Finnish layout only differs from Norwegian and Danish by a couple punctation symbols. If you tell Windows or Linux that the TouchStream is a Finnish USB keyboard, the symbols you are accustomed to will be generated, regardless of what is printed on the cover.

If your nationality is not listed, and you cannot use any of the layouts below, feel free to let us know. However, the selection is unlikely to expand until we have resellers in your country. Only US Qwerty and Dvorak layouts are available for the MacNTouch.

Clicking on the images below opens a full-scale image that you can print, cut and try on your desk. After cutting, angle the two halves at about 10 degrees to match the LP split angle. Your fingers should then line up close to straight with the key columns.

Also note color shades below are a bit more purplish than actual product, which is burgundy with greenish key borders.

German (QWERTZ)
German Layout

(Click for full-scale image)

Danish Layout

(Click for full-scale image)

Norwegian Layout

(Click for full-scale image)

French (AZERTY)
French Layout

(Click for full-scale image)

Canadian (Bi-Lingual Standard)
Canadian Layout

(Click for full-scale image)

United Kingdom (UK Qwerty)
UK Qwerty Layout

(Click for full-scale image)


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