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With MultiTouch Technology, typing, pointing, and gesturing can be done in the same area. No more reaching for the mouse! Which type of operation you get depends on how many fingers initially touch the surface. Key input is 1 finger at a time, mouse input is 2-3 fingers, and gesture input is 2-5 fingers. Lightning quick hand gestures and mouse capabilities are always at your fingertips allowing you to rapidly execute common shortcuts such as cut, copy, and paste.


Why are our multi-finger gestures so much quicker than alternatives like pressing hotkey sequences, clicking toolbar buttons, or writing symbolic gestures w/stylus on tablet?

  • All MultiTouch gesture shortcuts can be performed anywhere on the surface, wherever your hand happens to be. This avoids wasteful hand repositioning to awkwardly reach for multiple keys in a hotkey sequence, or to move the mouse cursor onto a toolbar button.
  • Our hand gestures are distinguished by finger combination and a simple motion direction as the gesture starts, so the command assigned to the gesture issues immediately.
  • In contrast, symbolic gestures with a tablet & stylus cannot be recognized until the symbol is fully drawn. Drawing complex symbols takes awhile, which delays command issuance and slows you down.

What makes our multi-finger gestures healthier than the alternatives?

  • Because our touch sensing technology is zero-force, MultiTouch hand gestures are essentially effortless. Just as easy as swiping your fingers through the air! In contrast, holding multiple keys for a shortcut can get tiring!
  • For each command, you use a slightly different motion and finger set. This way you're less likely to overuse any one finger muscle, as can happen with repeated clicking of mechanical mouse buttons.
  • You won't tire your hand gripping a mouse or stylus. Just rest your hand on our touch surface whenever you like!
  • For commands that sometimes need repeating (e.g. Undo, Next App), gesturing with a quick, crisp motion issues the command just once. But if you start the gesture slowly, the command issues repeatedly the farther you move, and issues the complementary command like Redo or Prev App if you reverse direction. Thus a single gesture motion can do the same job as repetitive keypresses and holds.
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