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Text Manipulation - Click on action to view animated gesture operation.
Arrows - Touch & slide any finger to move text cursor. Also use to scroll thru command history at cmd prompt!
Text Select - Touch & slide up/down three spread fingers
Tab/Back Tab - Touch thumb & middle finger and slide left/right. Also navigates between fields in dialog boxes and spreadsheets!
Home/End - Touch four spread fingers & slide left/right. Lets you quickly jump to beginning or end of line, combine with Ctrl for beginning/end of document.
PgUp/PgDn - Touch four spread fingers & slide up/down.


Put it all together for a quick way to cut several whole lines:

  • ARROWS slide any finger to get to first line:
  • HOME to get to the beginning of the line:
  • SELECT by sliding down to last line:
  • CUT with thumb-fingertip pinch:
How fast can YOU do it?