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Gesture Guide - Click on image or title to view animated gesture operation.
Point - Touch & move any two adjacent fingers - 158K
Click - Tap any two adjacent fingers - 150K
Double Click - Tap three adjacent fingers once - 92K
Right Click - Tap thumb, middle & ring fingers - 66K - Shown at right.
Drag/Select - Touch & move three fingers - 138K
Scroll - Touch & slide up/down four fingers. "Roll" the fingers for fine scrolling. - 161K

If 3-Button Mouse Emulation is turned on, then middle and right click work as follows:

Middle Click (3-button mode)- Tap thumb, index & middle fingertips
Right Click (3-button mode)- Spread hand then tap thumb, ring & pinky fingers

Right drag and Middle drag are done by sliding these same chords.

Click here to see additional gesture command sets.