TouchStream Programmers' Gestures, Emacs Mode & Modifier Chords
Programmers' Tools & Emacs Mode (Config Gesture then <shift> P or 7)
Paste (Ctrl V)
Emacs Execute

Alt X
Complete Prev
Ctrl <
Emacs Shell Cmd
Alt Shift 1
Ctrl + Arrows
Delete Word
Ctrl BkSpc

Ctrl C
Complete Line
Ctrl Shift Spc
Ctrl + Shift + Arrows
Goto Line
Emacs Indent

Ctrl J
Complete Next
Ctrl >
Emacs Prefix

Ctrl X
Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn or Home/End
Emacs Mode (Config Gesture then 7, also install touchstream.el script)
UnComment Region
Ctrl U Ctrl ;
Prev Compile Error
Alt - Ctrl X `
Check In/Out
Ctrl X Ctrl Q

Keyboard Quit
Ctrl G

Universal Argument
Ctrl U

Set Mark
Ctrl Space

Ctrl B (horizontal)
Alt B (vertical)

CVS Diff
Ctrl X V =
Next Compile Error
Ctrl X `
Comment Region
Ctrl ;
Scroll other Windows
Alt + PgUp/PgDn or Home/End
Basic Modifier Chords (Config Gesture then c)

Modifier chords use the same timing as regular modifer keys.
Basic Shift & Ctrl/Cmd modifier chords can be done anywhere:
 - Hold down all 4 fingertips (without thumb!)
 - Type keys/gestures to be modified with opposite hand.
 - Lift all 4 fingertips to release modifier.

Enhanced Modifier Chords (Config Gesture then <shift>C for US-style, <ctrl>C for International)
Zone chords use four fingertips above, below, or on the
Home Row keys of either hand. NOTE: With Zone Chords,
Shift can no longer be activated by dropping anywhere.
Above Home Row Ctrl    (US)
Cmd  (US Mac)
AltGr (International)
Home Row Shift
Below Home Row

Left Alt      (US)
Shift AltGr (Internat.)

The two chords below are performed by dropping the thumb + 3 fingertips simultaneously, with the hand either relaxed or spread, anywhere on the surface.

AltGr   (US)
Ctrl     (International)
Cmd   (International Mac)

Win    (US Windows)
Meta   (US Linux/Emacs)
Ctrl     (US Mac)
LeftAlt (International)

CapsWord-Tap 4F of both hands above home row. Turns CapsLock on while next word is typed, off at next space or punctuation.

Escape: Tap both 3F Above Home
Enter: Tap both 3F On Home Row
XWinder: Slide 3F of both hands
Programmers' Pad (Config Gesture then <shift> U) XWinder
To use the Programmers' Pad, press the right-half key with the desired lower-right corner punctuation symbol while holding the AltGr chord with your left hand (so Enhanced Modifier Chords above must be enabled). When the Programmers' Pad is enabled, the AltGr chord will not activate accent symbols for European key layouts. Puctuation Pad
For amazing two-handed window manipulations on
Mac OS X and Windows XP
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