Release Information

Change Log

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System Requirements

Requires Java JRE 1.4.1 or higher:

The Gesture Editor will only run with a Sun Java 1.4.1 or higher JRE/JVM/SDK. This means Mac users will need to install the new Java 1.4.1 system update for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

OS Requirements for MultiTouch Utilities:

Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar or higher
Linux Kernel 2.4.0 or higher

Limitations and Known Bugs

Use with latest firmware.

You must use the Device Firmware Upgrade utility to upgrade to the latest firmware before using the Gesture Editor with your unit.

File formats may change.

Though the Gesture Editor has been designed so that your customizations automatically merge with future releases of the FingerWorks 'Factory-Default' Gesture Libraries, we cannot guarantee that customization files saved with this version will be compatible with future releases.  You might have to re-enter your edits or change some names in your XML file for future versions to load it properly.

Report Parse Errors to FingerWorks Support.

If 'PARSE ERROR' warning dialogs popup, see the console error messages for further info. on the problem, or send the offending XML customization file to

Avoid non-sensical edits.

'Shooting yourself in the Foot' is quite possible by doing silly things like adding key events to the Mouse Pointing gesture, setting a gesture's motion sensitivity way out of wack, or making two gestures on the same chord activate along the same direction/axis.  Try to be conservative in your changes, and read below for recovery help.

Recovering from 'Mis-guided' Customizations

  1. If you know which gesture you mucked up, select it in the tree and hit the big 'Restore Defaults' button in the Slide Motion page.  If you want to restore a chord to its original gestures, use the 'Defaults' button on the chord page.  For macros and surface keys, hit the 'Defaults' button on the uppermost event-list edit panel of the Events page.  Then try transferring/saving again.
  2. To start all over, click the (leftmost) 'Home'  toolbar icon.  This will reinitialize the Gesture Editor from the FingerWorks 'Factory-Default' Library.  'Transferring' after clicking 'Home' *should be* equivalent to running the Upgrader Utility.
  3. If you've become totally superstitious about the Gesture Editor, you can completely restore 'Factory-Default', FingerWorks-tested firmware by closing the Gesture Editor and running the 'Device Firmware Upgrade' utility.

TO-DO List

We welcome all suggestions for simplifying or enhancing the Gesture Editor.  Here are some features we're already planning for future versions:

Keeping in Touch

The following is a list of ways to obtain and share information about the MultiTouch Utilities and MyGesture Editor.

Downloads Page

Remember to check the FingerWorks downloads page for the latest version of the MyGesture Editor before reporting bugs:


FingerWorks Forums

You can discuss your favorite MyGesture Editor customizations with FingerWorks customers and staff at:


Direct comments and questions about the FingerWorks software are welcome. Please review the forums above before sending email to:

Web form:  support.html

Your email message will be read. However, due to the large volume of email, we may not be able to respond personally.