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MultiTouch Utilities v1.6.0 with MyGesture Editor & XWinder

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The editor & utilities run on Mac OS X 10.2+, Linux, Windows 2000 & Windows XP. (Customers with older operating systems can apply the upgrade from one of these operating systems, then return their unit to the older PC).

XWinder runs on Mac OS X 10.2+, Windows 2000 & XP.

  • XWinder uses direct, intuitive hand motions to simultaneously move and resize application windows, as illustrated here.
  • You must run the firmware upgrade utility or enable XWinder Chords in the Feature selector before XWinder will work!

MyGesture Editor capabilities include:

  • Adjust pointing speed/acceleration.
  • Customize macro/hotkeys generated by any gesture.
  • Define new gestures on any chord.
  • Adjust surface key locations and behavior.

The MultiTouch utilities also include:

  • Hand Tracking SDK for access to raw finger paths and hand motion.
  • Feature Selector panel for quick setting changes.
  • Diagnostics to test your MultiTouch hardware.
  • Mac OS X utility for automatically switching between Mac/PC.
  • Customization scripts for the Emacs Text Editor.

PDF Documentation Downloads

Please note you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.


  • Right Hand Gesture/Hotkey Mappings for all Products
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TouchStream Products

iGesture Products

  • iGesture Pad Installation and Operation Guide (2-pages)
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  • Installation and Operation Guide for TouchStream Mini,
    iGesture Numpad, iGesture Retro & iGesture Keyboard (5-pages)

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