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The Future of Window Management

Available only with
FingerWorks MultiTouch Technology

With XWinder, FingerWorks introduces another fundamental advance in human computer interaction--a simple utility that lets people use intuitive hand motions to move and resize windows in one step.

One-Handed Manipulations

Both TouchStream and iGesture users can manage windows with a special XWinder chord. The XWinder tool grabs the window under the pointer whenever thumb+index+pinky touch. Further hand movements can then:

Move a Window

With cursor in desired window, slide thumb+index+pinky in desired direction just like you would dragging the titlebar.


Stretch Horizontally

Spread (or contract) thumb and pinky. Note this will be easiest if index finger lifts after chord selection.


Stretch Vertically

Rotate hand CW or CCW. Again this is easier with index finger lifted.



Briefly tapping right thumb+index+pinky toggles maximize/restore (in XWinder for Windows only).

Send To Back

TouchStreams with XWinder for Windows can send windows to the back, underneath others by tapping left thumb+index+pinky.

On Mac OS X Panther, the simple taps above offer quick gesture access to Apple Exposť.

Two-Handed Manipulations

XWinder enables TouchStream owners to simultaneously move and resize applications with BOTH hands working together as if stretching an elastic frame.


  1. Users actually move their hands on TouchStream surface, not on computer screen.
  1. During window resizes, window contents will be redrawn by Windows or Mac OS X more often than shown.

By simply dropping 3 fingers of both hands simultaneously on the TouchStream surface, the left hand 'grabs' the upper-left window corner while the right 'grabs' the lower-right corner. Thus TouchStream owners can move and resize applications windows in one intuitive step -- stretching opposite corners of the window frame with each hand! Once again, the power of multi-finger gestures lets you stay focused in the window center where you work, eliminating dozens of mouse trips for title-bar-click, title-bar-drag, resize-border-point, resize-border-drag, etc.!

Magnetic Window Edges

This is a cool XWinder feature for easy tiling against the edges of other windows. Extra pushes are needed to move or expand past the frame boundaries of other visible windows, or past the screen edge, like pushing refrigerator magnets over one another. Edges must be at least partially uncovered to have magnetic effect. Magnetic edges are not supported on XWinder for Mac OS X.

Alternative One-Handed Manipulations

The animation below shows how touching all five fingers can change hand scaling and rotation behavior to generally resize or vary aspect ratio rather than horizontal/vertical stretch.


  1. XWinder initially grabs the window underneath the mouse pointer, not necessarily the focus (top) window.
  1. Two fingers are used to move the mouse cursor over desired window (not shown).
  1. Red fingers that touch in the middle of an XWinder operation cause size or aspect variation instead of vertical or horizontal stretch.

By default, XWinder initially grabs the window underneath the mouse pointer, not necessarily the focus (top) window. This way, partially occluded windows can be brought into view without clicking them to the top! Configuration options also allow grabbing of the focus (top) window.

Pricing and Availability

XWinder is available as a free download through December 2004 with the purchase of any iGesture or TouchStream product. Though XWinder debuts on Windows XP, 2000 and Mac OS X only, FingerWorks provides the XWinder source code under the MPL/GPL/LGPL open-source tri-license so that Linux, Solaris, BeOS, BSD, and other operating system enthusiasts can port XWinder to their favorite operating system.

XWinder Download

Click here to try XWinder
on Windows or Mac OS X today!
Don't forget to run latest firmware upgrade and
enable XWinder Chords in the Feature Selector!

FingerWorks USB Hand Motion SDK

XWinder also demonstrates the power of FingerWorks' Hand Motion SDK. This SDK allows developers to design their applications for highly intuitive two-handed manipulations, like panning/zooming a CAD drawing with the left hand while the right hand draws or drags objects over large distances and scales. With the FingerWorks Hand Motion SDK, applications can receive Hand Motion Events, an extended form of mouse event that includes chording, translation/rotation/scaling motion and hand source data. These rich, two-handed manipulations are simply impossible through the standard mouse/keyboard APIs provided by existing operating systems.

FingerWorks Homepage -- Two-Hand Manipulation

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