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MyGesture Editor - Transferring your settings


Transferring your settings

One we have finished making changes to our configuration, the final step is to send these changes to our FingerWorks device.  This is accomplished by hitting the "transfer to..." button located at the top of the MyGesture Editor.

The device we wish to transfer to should appear to the right of the button. Before the actual transfer, the MyGesture Editor will ask if we would like to save our configuration settings.  The configuration files are saved in the xml format and can be saved anywhere (the default location is under the folder "MyGestures").

If this is the first time the FingerWorks device has been sent a new configuration you may be asked to install new drivers for the "FingerWorks Device DFU Mode".  In the screens below (on Windows Systems), select "Yes" and "Install the software automatically" to install the update mode.  You will only be asked to do this once.


Next, a window will pop up showing the status of the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, our FingerWorks device is ready to operate with our changes.



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