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MyGesture Editor - Surface Keys


Surface Keys

The layout of the iGesture Numpad's keys are shown above.  To the left is what we see on the physical pad and the right shows the same keys in the MyGesture Editor. 

Keys in the MyGesture Editor can be selected by using the mouse and clicking on the desired key.  In the picture above, the "End" key is selected.  A key may also be repositioned slightly by dragging the selected key using the left mouse button.  A right mouse click resets the key to it default position.

Keys labeled "Empty" represent hidden keys that may be programmed.   In its default configuration, the Numpad has a hidden "BackSpace" key located between the left arrow key and the delete key.

Editing a Key

Setting an action for a key is done in the same way as setting a macro.  In this next example, we will see how we can set one of the hidden keys to perform a paste (Ctrl-V) when hit.

Fist we will select the key to edit (shown below).


Notice there are currently no events set to this key.  To set an event, hit the "change" or "add" key.  The Key/Mouse/Macro Editor window will pop up.

We have two ways to set this key to a Ctrl-V (paste):

            1. Using a Key Stroke Event (like we did when we created a macro)

            2. Using a macro for paste that already exists in the editor

For the sake of example, we will use the built in macro.  Selecting "Event Macro Ref" under the Event Type  loads a drop down box that lists all the possible Event Macros currently available to us (see The Macro Library on how to create a macro).  We will select the macro "Paste" and hit ok.


The hidden key now shows as being set to Ctrl-V.


Finally to update our FingerWorks with this key change, we will hit the "transfer button".


Mapping a Gesture, as we will find out next, is done in a similar fashion to setting a surface key. 


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