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MyGesture Editor - The Feature Selector


The Feature Selector

The Feature Selector

The Feature Selector is where you can configure the options of your FingerWorks device.  Below is a list of these options along with a quick summary of their function.  Please note that changes made here will affect the types of chords (a thumb and finger combination) that we will be able to map gestures to later. 

OS & Mouse

OS Compatibility Selecting which operating system you wish to use will enable modifier hotkeys (such as the Cmd key for Macs and Ctrl key for PCs) as well as the default mouse and gesture sets for that operating system.
Mouse Emulation These set a few common options for mouse operation.
Mouse Pointing Surface This will swap all of the left hand gestures with right handed ones and vise versa (TouchStream devices only).
Thumb/Index/Pinky Clicking  This will enable single finger clicking (requires two fingers down already).
Horizontal Palm Switching  Enables quick mode switching using the lower part of your hand.


Typing Options  
Key Layout Features Enables special keys and built in functions like the Punctuation Pad (TouchStream devices only).
Enhanced Modifier Chords Sets the behavior type of the shortcut gestures for Alt and Ctrl/Cmd (TouchStream devices only).
Numberpad Enablement  In some operating systems the numlock key will not turn on numlock throughout the entire system.  This fixes that.
Accuracy Enhancing Features Enables best-English-word guessing for keystrokes that are in between keys (TouchStream devices only).
Key Repeats (Typematic) Sets the behavior of holding a down a key.
Key Layout Quick way of changing internal key layouts.

Gesture Sets

Freely Customizable Chords Enables specialized chords for XWinder and Pen Grip.  The two-handed XWinder chords are for TouchStream devices only).
Optional Gesture Sets Additional left handed chords for TouchStream devices.

Mouse Speeds

All Mouse Speeds  
Speed Sets the maximum velocity of the movement.
Acceleration Sets how fast you get to the maximum velocity of the movement.


Noise Filtering Help filter out noises from different sources of AC power.
Hand Size The range of motion of a gesture depends on how big your hand size is.  Setting a smaller size will require a smaller range of motion to complete a gesture and vise versa.

Game Mode

Game Mode Features  
Fast Key Presses ONLY Disables the all of the gestures and enables quick reacting key presses.
Middle Finger Lifted Action Enables the PgDn key on the left side when middle finger is lifted.  (Great for quick speed changes - TouchStream devices only)

Next we will look into the Macro Library, where we can create shortcuts to all the different tasks we will want to assign gestures to.


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