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MyGesture Editor - Basic Information


Basic Information

These pages provide a brief tutorial and overview of the MyGesture Editor capabilities. To get the latest version of the MyGesture Editor, check our Downloads Page. You can play with the editor even if you don't have a FingerWorks product yet. Just load a "demo" product configuration in the Devices->Offline Editing... menu after you've installed the utilities.

For this tutorial we are  using an iGesture Numpad as the FingerWorks device to be configured.  All of our products can be configured using the MyGesture Editor in a similar fashion.

First, lets take a quick look at the some of the menu buttons used in the MyGesture editor:


Factory Defaults

This button loads in the default configuration for the current FingerWorks device.  It will remove all custom changes made to the configuration.

Open / Save Customizations

These buttons will load in and save user customization files.  FingerWorks device customization files are written in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and have the extension .xml.  The current customization file loaded in the MyGesture Editor will appear in the title bar.  The above picture shows the file MyGesture_tutorial.xml file loaded.

View Printable Gesture Map

This will create a nice table layout version of your current gesture set that you can print and use for reference.  You must be online to view the pictures of the gestures.  Here is an example of a map created using the default iGesture Numpad configuration.

Import / Export Library Module

Library modules are similar to customization files but are used to load specific gesture sets without overwriting the entire configuration.  Multiple modules can be loaded at the same time.

Transfer to...

The transfer to button sends the current configuration to your FingerWorks device.  Please see Transferring your settings for more info.

Next we will look into using the Feature Selector to set device operating parameters.


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