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We produce Zero-Force keyboards and pointing devices with quick, powerful hand gestures.

iGesture USB Numeric KeyPad and ergonomic mouse replacementMultiTouch Technology offers simple and easy-to-remember gesture shortcuts that make computer use faster, more effective, and more productive. Our hand gestures put common tools right at your fingertips, not half a screen away!

Our TouchStream Computer Keyboards and large iGesture Pads provide unprecedented control of graphical interfaces. Only MultiTouch Technology can seamlessly combine touch typing, pointing operations and intuitive hand gestures on the same overlapping area of the touch surface, without mode switching.

Tired of reaching between mouse and keyboard? TouchStreams are the first computer input devices that completely eliminate reach and delay going from typing to pointing! The electrostatic surface sensors let you touch type effortlessly, with zero key force and a light, airy touch, while the tented LP support frame puts wrists at comfortable angles to ease carpal tunnel pressure.

Tired of mice? We have an effortless, better way without the repetitive clicking and squeezing that can strain hands. We provide the only touchpad surface large enough to use (and rest) your whole hand! Every FingerWorks product interfaces to your computer as a standard USB keyboard and mouse, for easy plug and play with Microsoft Windows PCs, Linux, and Macintosh computers, no driver installation required. But if you need custom hand gestures, macros or keyboard shortcuts, fire up our all-powerful MyGesture Editor!

FingerWorks Receives CES
2005 Best of Innovations



With Multitouch Technology,
typing, pointing, and gesturing
are done in the same area!

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