Password Generator

Generates a screen full of random passwords on every visit.

  • 8-character random passwords for writing down
  • Dictionary passwords for memorising easily
  • Multilingual

Inspired by pwgen and

Reader Dailies News Delivery Service

Web application that delivers news to your Amazon Kindle.

News is collected from news websites, reformatted into newspaper format, and sent directly to Kindle devices.

Dynamically schedules and runs multiple instances of the open-source program Calibre. Results are hosted for downloading and sent out via email to Kindles.

Reader Dailies has closed!

Reactive Plot Library

Website for an open-source software project.

Shows the features, screenshots and documentation of the Reactive Plot Library and its associated tools.

The Reactive Plot Library is a Java library for playing and writing choose-your-own-adventure games, and features a visual script editor.